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For Your Health and Healing Journey

Tranquility Gentle Pearls

Health and Healing


  • A combination of natural forms of healing that have been in use for hundreds of years. 

  • Consultations are 1 - 1.5 hours and may include spiritual healing, health insights (channeled) and herbal recommendations.  You may be required to come back to pick up a specific herbal tea blend.  
  • Value – 1st Session $70. Includes a personalised Tea. Future sessions (If required)  $30.00
  • All client details and health evaluations are held in strictest confidence. Skype consultations are possible.
Life Readings Gentle Pearls

Life Readings


  • These clairvoyant & channeled readings are to help you in clarifying options, possibilities and choices for your life path. They may also include health information.
  • Consultations are between 1 – 1.5hrs and include a cuppa and a compassionate ear. 
  • Value –$70,  If a personal, herbal tea is required, you may be required to pick it up the following day.
  • All client details and health evaluations are held in strictest confidence. Skype consultations are possible.



  • For your Personal Growth, Uplift & Enjoyment

  • Personal Guidance & Journey Cards – 1.5 days
    This workshop is for limited numbers - 6 people per workshop. 
  • Spiritual Healing Awareness –  If you have compassion and a loving heart and have ever wanted to work with spiritual healing, this is your chance.  One on one.
  • Spiritual Healing Practitioners – An opportunity for those already practicing Spiritual Healing to further their knowledge and growth.  This includes New Zealand government law, client record keeping, active listening and more.

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To Book

Email or Phone Julia for more details or to book in.  

Gentle Pearls is situated on Auckland’s North Shore. 

P: 021 161 8592

If you are in financial difficulties, please talk to me regarding appropriate payment.



These are REAL TESTIMONIALS from Clients in their own words.  Photos are models to protect Client identity.  These results may not be typical.
Results cannot be guaranteed as every person is individual.  However at Gentle Pearls we will help guide you to resolve  physical, emotional and mental traumas and pains.


The first healing I received through Julia helped me bring forth and deal with issues I had previously locked away, but now wanted to deal with. The second healing gave me a deeper sense of peace and more acceptance of my surroundings than I had ever had. I am moving towards my future with strength and confidence.


All my pain is gone due to my spiritual healing and I have no need of strong pain tablets anymore. My doctor is cutting back all my other medications and has said that you should keep on doing whatever you're doing for me. I am now able to do things around the house again and even walk down to the shop. Life is worth living again. 



After smashing the end of my radial (arm) bone, I was still in agony, five hours after the accident, despite being given morphine. Spiritual Healing brought my pain level down to an easily manageable, dull throb after fifteen minutes and I was able to relax. Healings since then have given me further pain relief. I also felt bone movement and better blood flow around the injury.