Gentle Pearls is about healing – healing of heart, body and mind.  Our beautiful planet needs healing and so do we, as physical humans on Earth. 

We like to tell people ‘we’re fine, all is good’ because we don’t want to make others uncomfortable or annoyed by saying we’re not fine and they feel obligated to ask ‘why not?’  Everyone has their physical, emotional and mental traumas and pains.  All may be greater or lesser than the issues of those around them, or those we see suffering on the news every day.  Where do we start to help?  We start with self!

Gentle Pearls Herbal Products
All natural and no nasty preservatives.

HERBAL TEAS:  A variety of hand-made herbal teas: General Health, Brain & Memory, Lengthy Illness & Organ Assist,  Blood Pressure & Blood Sugars Assist. - $15.00 for 30g.  ALSO a specific tea made especially for you when you have the below Health & Healing Consultation.

Kawakawa Plus Salve: Suitable for itching, rashes, measle spots, eczema & dermatiti, wounds & grazes.  30g - $12.50,  100g - $20.00
                                        Contains Kawakawa, chamomile, cleavers, kumeraho, marigolds, parsley, self-heal.
Feedback: ‘I put it on my new tattoo & it really helped it heal cleanly.’ SH
                    ‘It relieved the itch of my dermatitis instantly.’ MU

Muscle & Tendon Rub: A great assistant for aching, painful muscles & tendons. Reduces inflammation and aids blood flow.  Also assists in the healing of bone fractures. Contains rosemary, chamomile, comfrey, cayenn pepper, wintergreen & camphor.  100ml - $15.00
- Also available as a salve - 30g - $15.00
Feedback: ‘I have bursitis in my hips and the rub really helps with the pain.’ TDB
                   ‘This product really helped relieve the pain caused by s plit roto-cuffs.’ GS

Nourishing Balm: Wonderfully soothing for hands, feet & body dry skin & gentle enough to use  for feminine dryness. 
                                        Contains: Calendula flowers, chamomile, plantain & lavender.  30g - $12.50, 100g - $20.00
'Wonderful for gardeners hands!' GR
                    ‘I get terrible female dryness.  This takes away soreness & itchyness straight away.' PA

SPECIALWound Balm:  Aids in stopping bleeding, disinfecting & promotes faster healing. JUST $5.00 a pot when ordered with another product.
                        Contains: Yarrow, Selfheal, Red Clover, Calendula, Ti-Tree Oil & Lavendar Oil. 
Feedback:    ‘The quick on the side of my finger was torn, it healed cleanly and quickly.’ SQ
                      ‘A deep cut on my hand sealed and healed to a healthy red line within a few days.’ JP

Gentle Pearls Consultations

Distance Healing - please email me your name and country  - There is no charge for this service.

Spiritual and Herbal Healing – Natural forms of healing that have been in use for hundreds of years. 

Consultations are 1.5 hours and include spiritual healing and herbal recommendations.  Could also include clairvoyance or channelled information regarding health and life choices.  You may be required to come back to pick up a specific herbal tea blend.  Value – 1st Session $60, Further sessions $30.00
Discounts may be available for beneficiaries

Life Readings - For assistance with your path and your journey forward. Value - $60.00

Email Julia for more details or to book in.  Gentle Pearls is situated on Auckland’s North Shore, New Zealand
Ph: 021 161 8592 or email

Gentle Pearls Workshops

Personal Guidance Cards – 1.5 days

This workshop is for limited numbers - 6 people per workshop.  During the first day of the workshop you will learn how to create your own personal guidance cards.  There will be hands on work for your first cards with much help and support.  Card bases will be given so you can finish them at home.

The second half day will be one on one assisting you in connecting and working with your cards.
A group of 6 will be split into two groups of three for 2 half days. Value - $85.00

Includes card bases and information sheets - Morning tea provided. BYO lunch.

Spiritual Healing –  If you have compassion and a loving heart and have ever wanted to work with spiritual healing, this is your chance.  You will understand and practise the basics – what it is, where it comes from, how to be a basic practitioner and the ethics of this very special and natural form of healing.  Enquires Welcome.

Ph: 021 161 8592 or email